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72ft foot Obstacle Course OC402/SL301

72ft foot Obstacle Course OC402/SL301

    • Outlets: 2 Electrical Outlets Within 100 feet

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72 foot Large Obstacle Course Rental

Great for All Ages!
Small Kids and Big Kids alike will be challenged by the 72 foot long inflatable obstacle course. Ready, Set, GO! You will enter through your tunnel and your competitor will enter theirs. Crawl through the tunnels and climb through the chute's and you made it a quarter of the way. Now get ready for some pop-up obstacles. As you make your way through the not so rough and tumble popups, be careful not to get blindsided by those popups in your competitors wake. Oh wait! Where is your competitor? Maybe they have made it all the way to the end already. As you make your way halfway through the obstacle, you climb over some log obstacles & jump through another set of chutes, then you see your competitor and a giant 16 foot tall climbing wall with foot and hand holds that appear challenging. No worries, you both accept the challenge and climb the wall to the top where you can both slide down and enjoy the rest of the way through this; now not so challenging obstacle course. Everyone will have fun! This course is great for backyard parties, church events, large school picnics, corporate functions, etc. Capacity is approximately 8 people per minute throughput. The 72 foot Obstacle Course includes: 16' Rockwall Slide with a Dual Lane Obstacle Course. Great for Competitive Racing! 72 feet Long x 15 feet Wide x 16 feet Tall. Requires 2 15amp electrical circuits.

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