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33ft Tropical Slip and Slide SL312

33ft Tropical Slip and Slide SL312

    • Actual Size: 10ft x 12ft x 33ft long
    • Outlets: 1 Electrical Outlet Within 100 feet

    • $349.00
    • Sorry, This Product is Not Available

Tropical Slip 'n Water Slide

Make a Splash!

Tropical Slip 'n Slide waterslide. Palm trees blowing in the breeze. Temperatures are soaring into the 90's. Remember those hot summer days when you needed relief from the heat? You would go to the garage and get your dads visqueen and lay it on the lawn and set the water sprinkler so that it hit it just right? You would invite all the neighborhood kids over and everyone had a great time! Only problem was, it tore up the lawn. Beat the heat this summer and minimize the lawn rash with this 33' Tropical Slip 'N Slide. It is a dual lane water slide with a splash landing attached. 33 feet Long x 12 feet Wide x 10 feet Tall. Great for all ages over 6 years old. Requires one 15amp electrical outlet. Suitable for Adult use. 

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